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is a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience working in hospitals, outpatient and long-term care facilities and pediatrics.  He is a graduate of New York University’s physical therapy program, and is the writer and producer of “Physical Therapy Essentials,” a four-part DVD program used by thousands of home care agencies, nursing homes and hospitals (distribution by Glencoe-McGraw Hill and Geriatric Video Productions).  His programs are used to train certified home health aides, nurses and home care givers in the most important care giving skills, such as safe lifting techniques, the correct use of canes and walkers, stretching and strengthening exercises.”


William Neenan has been instructing our home health aides for approximately one year. He is highly praised by his students and by our professional training staff. … his video course will be an asset to the home care industry.

Maureen EmanuelN.N. Director of Training, Patient Care, Inc.

William Neenan’s expert, tactful guidance is sure to help our students mor effectively and safely in the future. His instruction in body mechanics and transfers is hands on and thorough.

Joan DantzlerR.N. Instructor, Patient Care, Inc.

Mr. Neenan was very informative. I enjoyed the presentation and learned a great deal about disabled people and the care involved.

Rita Minassian Bronx, NY

I felt that Mr. Neenan performed every demonstration clearly. I understood what he was doing and felt very comfortable with his teaching.

Sandra DavisBronx, NY

William Neenan’s training and testing program is very education al and informative… I would recommend these tapes to all home care agencies.

Maureen BriggetteR.N., Clinical Manager, Bon Secours Home Health Services, Venice, FL

These tapes would be helpful in in restorative nursing… They give clear and concise information. You were very thorough in your remarks and demonstrations regarding safety.

Mary DeteBSN; Director of Professional Services, Angels Home Health Care, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much for your practical and most helpful approach to these skills.

Sybil SmithCompanion Coordinator, Homewatch Corp, Denver, CO

William Neenans’s video course is an asset to the home care industry. He is an excellent teacher.

Maureen EmanuelR.N., Director of Training, Patient Care, New York, NY